FirstLook has been critical to our success. Since we started using FirstLook, we are selling more cars now with a 3,000-car inventory than we did when our inventory was in the mid-4,000s. The capital this has freed up has helped fuel our expansion.


Mike Gallagher
Vice President of Operations, Luther Automotive Group


With FirstLook, we have put discipline into our inventory management, making sure stores hold to acceptable inventory levels, monitor inventory aging, profitability of sales and discipline in their purchasing. And with the importance of selling online, FirstLook is providing the Pricing and Merchandising tools for us to be successful.


Doreen Fischer
Director of Used Cars, Luther Automotive Group


"I run my Used Car Department with FirstLook all the information I need is in one system. With the Aging Buckets, I can see problems coming before they even hit me. And with FirstLook, I always know the market vs. the competition it's all right there, so I can price right."


Ardell Hanson
Used Car Manager, Luther Brookdale Honda


"FirstLook has increased our sales volume by 31%"


Mike Sindaco
Used Car Manager, Faulkner Cadillac


"With FirstLook on board, our used car sales increased by 45%. FirstLook also saves us about 10 to 12 hours a week so we can focus our time on sales instead of everything else throughout the day."


Andy Strong
Used Car Manager, Waconia Dodge Chrysler Jeep